Yesterday we ran a guest post by the campaign trying to stop Initiative 502, and if they're successful, they'll block the best shot any state has ever had at legalizing and taxing marijuana. That opposition campaign is led by medical marijuana patients who want to drive with more than 5ng/mL of active THC in their blood and are afraid of getting DUI convictions if I-502 passes. In the comment thread, some of those medical pot activists claim that stoners supporting I-502 simply want to indulge in getting high at the expense of pot patients' liberty to drive.

In comments, NORML's Russ Belville responds:

"And this is what we get in return. You make us the sacrificial lambs now so you can have a little bit of smoke in your pocket."

Yup, that's it. You're a patient, therefore arrest and incarceration and ruining your life over cannabis is unjust. But we're just stoners trying to "have a good time legally", so what the hell, arrest another 10, 20, 30, 40,000 of us before another shot at legalization comes around.

I guess we're the sacrificial lambs so you can continue to have 24 ounces, 15 plants, pot boutiques, smoke pot all damn day, and when a cop pulls you over, suspects you of impairment, gives you a field sobriety test you fail, arrests you for DUI, takes a blood sample you submit to or he gets a warrant for, which registers at >5ng, you'll have a slim defense for your DUI charge, after you pay your lawyer $10,000.

And if you want to play the "slaughterhouse", "morally corrupt", "heinous of crimes" card, take a trip with me to Juarez, Mexico sometime. Explain to the mother of a teenager slaughtered by morally corrupt weed barons why you voted to forestall US progress on ending the prohibition that supplies the funds for their most heinous of crimes.

I have lost my patience for patients. Yeah, yeah, you're sick and disabled, sorry to hear it, but while you and other states' medical marijuana patients have been largely left alone while smoking copious amounts of weed, 13 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana and 50,000 Mexicans have been murdered (10% of them beheaded / tortured) and left in the streets with banners taunting law enforcement. Juarez's entire 2,600 man police force just had to move out of their homes and into a highly secured hotel with their families because of drug gang assassinations that killed five cops as they came home from work to their families.

Resent name calling all you like. Rationalize it any way you choose. Shout your legalizer bona fides from the highest rooftop. But come November, there are three choices:

Vote YES on I-502 to begin the end of prohibition, along with NORML, MPP, SSDP, and DPA

Vote NO on I-502 to continue prohibition, along with ONDCP, DEA, Washington Sheriffs, and Mexican drug gangs

Don't vote.