• VICTORIA RENARD for The Stranger, 2002
Could it be? Have the Blood Brothers, some of Seattle's best chaotic noisemakers, gotten back together? The internet would suggest so! (And the internet never lies.) Just minutes ago the Blood Brothers announced via brand new Twitter and Facebook accounts that they're playing the FYF Fest in Los Angeles.

The Blood Brothers broke up in 2007, but not before releasing a catalog of (mostly) incredible, boundary-pushing post-punk/hardcore albums. Members went on to play in Jaguar Love, Past Lives, Neon Blonde, Champagne Champagne, the Fleet Foxes and others.

I have e-mails out to some folks to find out if it's the same line-up and if there are other shows in the works (duh, I'm sure there are, it'd be weird and super lame if they reunited just to play an L.A. festival), but guitarist Cody Votolato appears to be in, as he Tweeted out the news this morning, too.

(Thanks, Roy, for sharing the good news!)