Remember anything about last February? Do you remember where you were or what you were doing? I don’t remember much about last February either—everything is a blur for everyone these days—but there is one thing I remember about last February: HUMP! 2022 premiering at On the Boards! It was so great to have HUMP! back in theaters after two years away.

If you didn’t get to see HUMP! 2022 in a theater—maybe you weren’t ready to head back out yet—we’re bringing HUMP! 2022 back for an encore presentation next month.

On Saturday, September 10th, the HUMP! 2022 lineup will screen at SIFF Uptown at 7 and 9:30 pm. This year’s collection of five-minutes-or-less porn shorts has everything: animated vaginas, X-mas fuck machines, wine-goblet dildos, and more!

If you’re still not ready to watch porn in a theater surrounded by strangers—if you’re not ready to watch porn the way your grandparents did—you can still enjoy the festival from home! We will be streaming it every weekend from August 26th through October 16th! 

Not sure if you’ve seen this one? Check out the lineup or watch trailer right here:

Already seen this one? Well, now’s the time to make a HUMP! film of your own for next year’s festival. All you need is an iPhone and some enthusiastically consenting friends. Need some inspiration? Try working these props into your films...

  • Leg warmers
  • Clothespins
  • Dirty martinis

The deadline for submissions is December 9, so go to and get HUMPing! 

(And grab your HUMP! One Night Stand tickets before they sell out!)

— Dan