Architecture Jan 30, 2023 at 12:06 pm

Meet the Man Brilliantly Documenting the City's Vast Array of Architecture on Instagram

Seattle's architecture with Keith Cote. Emma Reilly



'Barcode buildings' -- perfect!


I used to take
long lunch breaks
have a puff and take
pics of homes in W Seattle
while working on a small project

so much to see
so hard to take in
with just a naked eye
plus you can edit out the
commonplace and re-Light

thanks for this Chas!


that is an AWESOME pic
and I Do hope Mr Cote
has a section on Illum-
ination. why need we
be deprived of Gorg-
eous buildings just
'cause it's Dark out-
side? it's Not the
Buildings' Fault!


What is the name of his style?


@4: Hodgman up front, Jagr out back.


@6 FTW.

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