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The 13th Annual HUMP! Film Festival Winners Are...

13th Annual HUMP! Film Fest Opens Tonight!


HUMP! 2016 Returns This Weekend, AND Gets a Feature Story in Playboy

HUMP! 2017 Call For Submissions!

HUMP! Winners

Trump Might Be President, but We Can Still Fuck the Pain Away

Announcing the HUMP! 2016 Awards

Wanna Take Your Mind Off the Catastrophe?

HUMP! 2016 Film Lineup Announced!

Donald, Dorothy, Maria, and Melania

HUMP! 2015 Opens Big


The Little Engine That Could Not Abide Porn

The 2015 HUMP Tour Comes to Seattle!

Meet Your HUMP! 2014 Winners!

We're Counting HUMP! Ballots

Seattle Got HUMPed This Weekend

The Films of HUMP!

HUMP! 2014 Festival Tickets On Sale NOW

The Deadline for HUMP! 2014 Submissions...

HUMP! 2014 Deadlines and Dates

HUMP Tour Ticket Giveaway!

HUMP Tour Ticket Giveaway!

HUMP Tour Ticket Giveaway!

HUMP Tour Ticket Giveaway!

Questions About the HUMP! Tour

Variety Reviews the HUMP! Tour

Look at All These People That Got HUMP-ed!

How Was Your HUMP!?

HUMP! Olympia Tonight

Tonight at On the Boards: HUMP! Begins!

HUMP! 2013: The Lineup!

Overheard in the HUMP Jury Room, Day Two

The HUMP Jury Is Meeting Right Now

HUMP! Tickets Available Now!

Hump! Deadline Is Monday!

You Realize the Hump! Deadline Is Monday, Right?

Why Don't We Make Our HUMP! Video In The Road?

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