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Televangelist Warlock Pat Robertson Casts Spell on Hurricane Florence

The Diplomatic Democrat Who Stands a Chance in Trump's Washington

Carolyn Long bridges the political divide in town halls, classrooms, community centers, and even at home—her husband voted for Trump.

White House Mole Should Have Published Anywhere Else

Weekday Trumpdate

Trump Rally Shows, Once Again, Just How Divided We Are

Accusers and Progressive Groups Run New Ads Against Democratic Lawmaker David Sawyer

"David Sawyer made me feel unsafe."

Jason Spencer, Humiliated Georgia Rep, Steps Down

Never Forget: Rodney Tom Is a Traitor

What She Said: Amanda Marcotte On the Fight

Maxine Waters, Trump, and the Art of the Shun

The Worst President

She Doesn't Really Care

Godwin Suspends Godwin's Law

Lindsey Graham Just Said "Shit" on CNN

What the Supreme Court Voter Purge Ruling Means

"The Only Explanation for All of Trump's Behavior"

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