HIDE YOUR KIDS! IT'S A CROTCH! Photo by Samira Shobeiri, courtesy of The Spectator

Seattle University President Stephen Sundborg isn't happy with the university's paper, The Spectator, for publishing an "indecent" photo on their recent cover. The photo, above, is of a Seattle U student lifting their leg in what could be described as a very nice stretch at the school's 10th annual Drag Show.

The jazzercize-like move apparently warranted outrage from a Seattle U English professor, who emailed The Spectator to let them know he removed the paper from newsstands. President Sunderberg also admitted to being "very, very embarrassed and ashamed" of the photo.

Here's what Sundborg wrote to the The Spectator, which was published in a report today by Tess Riski, the paper's News & Investigative Editor and a former News Intern for The Stranger:

Sundborg told the Spectator he was "very, very embarrassed and ashamed" of the cover photo.

"I thought it was indecent," Sundborg said. "I thought it offended all dignity and respect of sexuality and of persons of bodies. I think it was a mistake on the part of the editorial staff to put that on the cover. I was offended by it... Anybody who would see that who has a sense of propriety would find that offensive."



"I allow the drag show," Sundborg continued. "Most Jesuit-Catholic universities would not. But then to go and show that pose—indecent pose—from a drag show on the cover is taking it too far. It doesn't support me in my support of having the drag show on campus, which I allow to have, which I needn't do, but I do. But then to take it and to push it to the cover of a magazine with an indecent post from that, expose it out—these are not people then that have chosen to go to a drag show that are seeing that. These are not people who understand what that is. They've taken it too far."

Oh, Jesus. Really? Does Seattle U know what neighborhood it's in?

Another former intern for The Stranger, Anna Kaplan, contributed to the report, which you should absolutely read here.