Tim LaBarge
Every month, we host a clip from the previous summer's Pickathon as part of the ongoing Starlight Series, showcasing the performances that took place on the nocturnal Starlight Stage. And today we kick off a new season of Starlight vids with a rambunctious performance from Pickathon this last August.

It's an odd juxtaposition to begin a new season with what seems to be a sweaty, end-of-the-night performance, as evidenced by the frontman for Shinyribs apparently in the middle of some calisthenics. But like a band-aid removal or a cool lake, sometimes you just need to plunge right in.

The Austin, Texas country-funk band quotes a few phrases of the Beatles' "Wild Honey Pie" before asking the time-old musical question, "Baby What's Wrong?" Singer Kevin Russell (once of the Gourds) had begun the band's Starlight set beneath a cosmic, shiny cape, but now appears to be dressed like my seventh-grade social studies teacher. Mr. Zbinden never wailed and shimmied like this, though, and the easy-struttin' song spirals out into a loose jam that allows the Shinyribs band to vamp behind a worked-up Russell. Summer doesn't seem so far away, now, does it?

Check back each month for more Pickathon videos from the fourth season of our ongoing Starlight Series!