Matt Baume

Matt Baume

Matt Baume covers geek culture, queer news, and city infrastructure, and will leap at the flimsiest of excuses to write about furries. A writer, podcaster, and videomaker, he resides on Capitol Hill with far too many plants.

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The Memorial Ride Rolls Out from City Hall

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It’s Legally Blonde meets Mad Max in the Dark Ages

Billy Eichner Is Our Nora Ephron

Bros Isn’t the First Gay Rom-Com, but It Is One of the Best

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Theater Sep 23 2:03 PM

A Broadway Show for the Boomers

The Cast of The Griswolds’ Broadway Vacation Elevates the Show above the Script

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There's an App for That

How One Seattle Doctor Used Grindr to Help Patients Get Vaccinated for Monkeypox

Fall Arts 2022 Sep 20 10:00 AM

β€˜Round the World and Back Again

They created your favorite computer games in the '80s and '90s and then disappeared. Can Ken and Roberta Williams revolutionize the industry one more time?

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Picture Books Sep 16 11:15 AM

This Week's Comics: We Need a Gruop of Proofreaders

Plus: Audacious Violence, Disorienting Plots, and a Book for Book Lovers

Stranger Suggests Sep 16 10:23 AM

Show Tunes Sing-Along Night Makes Its Grand Return to the Lumber Yard

"It's time to tryyyyy defyyyying gravity! I think I'll tryyyy defyyyying gravity! And you can't pull me down!"

Stranger Suggests Sep 14 10:35 AM

Here Comes a Hot Culture Injection

Free Museum Day is Saturday! (No, you do not get to keep the museum.)

Games Sep 12 11:45 AM

Calm Down and Play a Cute Cat Puzzle

Here Are the Most Relaxing Games Showcased at PAX This Year