Nathalie Graham

Nathalie Graham

Nathalie Graham reported on city hall for The Stranger, and managed to somehow continue to do that during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A Road Trip Where You Don't Have to Drive

Going on a rural-transit adventure is pretty easy. Pacific Northwest Transit Daddy showed me the way.

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Play Date: Striking Out with Strangers on the Leftovers Softball Team

This Team Full of Enthusiastic Strangers-Turned-Friends Drives a Stake Through the Heart of the Seattle Freeze

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Swimming in Circles with Seattle's Underwater Hockey Team

Seattle's Longest-Running Hockey Team Is Actually the Seattle Seahammers, not the Seattle Kraken

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Finding Humanity Alongside Druids, Demons, Tabaxi, and War Veterans

A University of Washington D&D Campaign Helps Former Soldiers Return to Civilian Life