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Music Feb 22 4:00 AM

When Lusting for a Young Woman Doesn't Work, Write an Opera

How composer Leos Janacek's obsession with a 25-year-old woman (when he was in his 60s) renewed his creativity and inspired Katya Kabanova.

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Visual Art Mar 2 4:00 AM

Wagner's Operas Saved My Uncle's Life and Reordered the Tectonics of His Psyche

He was a Painter Who Showed Me the Beauty and Dangers of Being an Other

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Books Oct 22 4:00 AM

Charles D'Ambrosio's Dome-Blowingly Beautiful Essays

Loitering Is the Best Essay Collection of the Year, So The Stranger Asked Karen Russell, Adam Haslett, Rebecca Brown, and Four Others Writers to Each Review One Thing in It

Pullout Sep 17 4:00 AM

So You're Thinking of Joining a Cult

The Desire to Belong When You're Young Can Be Dangerous

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Features Sep 11 4:00 AM

Irony Is a Survival Tactic

As Someone Who Tried to Give Up Irony, I Can Tell Youβ€”It Doesn’t Work

Features Jul 3 4:00 AM

United States of Anxiety

The floods, the California wildfires, and the violence in Chicago are nothing compared to what the slow-motion disaster of a crumbling economy is doing to us. A personal account of a breakdown.

Pullout Jun 21 4:00 AM


Vatican Condemns Queers

Features Apr 5 4:00 AM

Half Rack

I Lost My Breast and My Nephew to Cancer, but Not My Bullshit Detector

Pullout Jun 22 4:00 AM

Waiting Periods

Legislatures Across the Country Have Approved Waiting Periods for Gun Purchases and Abortions; We'd Like to Propose These Queer-Specific Waiting Periods