Sarah Galvin

Sarah Galvin—The Stranger’s Chow Bio columnist—will eat almost anything once, but dreams of retiring to a cottage made entirely of pizza. Her blog, The Pedestretarian, is devoted to reviews of food found on the street. She has a degree in poetry from UW, and when she’s not writing about food, she writes poetry and does other fancy things involving candelabras and designer shoehorns. Her poems appear in literary journals such as Dark Sky, Pageboy, Hoarse, and Proximity.

Recent Articles

Features Apr 11 4:00 AM

The Time I Caught a Garter Snake and Brought It Home

I found it at a cemetery near Aurora Avenue.

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Queer Issue 2017 Jun 21 4:00 AM

My First Time Proposing and Being Proposed To

It Was Also My First Time Doing Poppers

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Features Jun 22 4:00 AM

Queer Issue: My Girlfriend and I Just Visited North Carolina, and We Did Not Get Beat Up

We even got to go to the bathroom. And then we took topless photos outside Governor Pat McCrory's mansion.

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Food & Drink Apr 20 4:00 AM

Moonlight Cafe's Vegetarian Sesame "Beef" Has a Magnetic Pull on Me

I've Been Eating It for a Decade, and I'm Still Not Sick of It

Features Oct 28 4:00 AM

Burgermaster on Aurora Is Less Than a Block Away from a Recreational Pot Store

And Their Fries and Onion Rings Are Literally Called "Munchies"