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Our Beautiful National Parks

With Special Guest Lyz Lenz

The Plight of the Long-Haired Homo

On the Magnum: Comedian Jared Goldstein

Sex May 21 11:43 AM

Tea-Bagging Semantics

On the Magnum: Comedian Rachel Feinstein

Sex May 14 11:09 AM

Wet & Messy

On the Magnum: Peggy Orenstein on Choking Hazards

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Sex Apr 9 1:37 PM

What Should I Do Down There?

On the Magnum: PrEP talk with Benjamin Ryan

Sex Apr 2 11:31 AM

Wait. Pre-Natal Masturbation?

On the Magnum: Dr. Eric Sprankle author of DIY: The Wonderfully Weird History and Science of Masturbation

Sex Mar 26 11:00 AM

Pal Power!

With Rhaina Cohen of The Other Significant Others

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Sex Mar 5 9:53 AM

More, More, More

Guest : Molly Roden Winter of More

HUMP Feb 27 9:28 AM

Last Chance to Catch HUMP! Part 1 in Seattle

Hosted by the Incomparable Betty Wetter

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Sex Feb 20 11:00 AM

Men and Feet

On the Magnum: "Going Solo" with Peter McGraw

Podcasts Feb 13 1:53 PM

You Wanna Do WHAT on Our Wedding Night??!!

On the Magnum: Intimacy Expert Rena Martine

Queer Feb 6 3:05 PM

News Savage Lovecast with Ezra Klein

On the Magnum: Ezra Klein on Poly Culture & Families

Queer Feb 2 3:00 PM

“Enough with the Poly!”

On the Magnum: The Daily Show's Dulcé Sloan

Promotions Nov 13 12:46 PM

Chat with Dan Savage!

Join Us for Savage Love Live Thursday, Nov 16 at Noon

Savage Love Oct 17 3:30 PM

Love Bites

New Savage Lovecast