Anna from Phinney Ridge was packing a bowl and thinking about Seattle’s homelessness crisis the other day, and her thoughts led her to call the Blabberphone (206-302-2063) with an interesting question: Exactly how much pot tax money is Seattle raking in these days, and could we be using some of that money to help the extraordinary number of people in this city who lack adequate shelter?

At 3:13, I haul in pot expert Tobias Coughlin-Bogue, who has an answer or two for Anna.

After that, at 13:40, Stranger reporter Sydney Brownstone talks about how she put together a powerful investigative story headlined, “The Audition.” The piece looks into multiple allegations of sexual assault against a well-known Capitol Hill figure named Matt Hickey, and why it might be hard to get justice for Hickey’s allegedly repeated sexual assaults under the current Washington State Law. Sydney also talks about new information that's emerged since her story was first published.

Next, at 28:24, we make a hard left turn into state politics, and then a right turn, and then another left as the dueling campaigns for Washington Secretary of State—which is actually a really important position!—get into a three-part Blabberphone brawl over something the Republican candidate for Secretary of State said on the podcast last month.

Finally, at 33:06, the critics of The Stranger tell you what to do with yourself on this Pride weekend in Seattle. Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.