On this Fourth of July weekend, between all the booze and fireworks, I want to offer you something to ponder: What would it actually mean to make real political progress in America? Or, to drop one of Seattle’s favorite terms into this question, what does it mean to be “progressive”?

On this show we’ll be asking that question in the context of the fascinating race to replace long-serving Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott.

At 1:55, an expert from the University of Washington's Comparative History of Ideas program will talk about the historical roots of the word “progressive” and how it’s been adapted for our era.

Then we’ll hear from the three leading “progressive” candidates to replace Congressman Jim McDermott, all of whom say they’re the single most progressive person running.

At 13:17, Pramila Jayapal will make her case.

Then, at 21:45, Brady Walkinshaw.

And finally, at 32:17, Joe McDermott.

After all that, at 40:22, Congressman Jim McDermott gets on the line from Washington, DC and offers the definition for “progressive” that he’s arrived at after many, many decades in politics.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.