Meet your new role models. Episode 81 talks to the author of a viral manifesto that says the left needs to imitate the Tea Party in order to stop Trump. Ken Durden/Shutterstock

Well. That whole Electoral College thing didn’t work out, did it? Dan Savage and Rich Smith give Eli Sanders some deserved reality checks regarding last week’s Great Hope for Resisting Trump, and right after that...

It’s on to this week’s Great Hope for Resisting Trump! His name is Ezra Levin. He’s a former Democratic Congressional aide who witnessed the rise of the Tea Party firsthand. And he’s one of the authors of a free, open-source guide to using Tea Party tactics against Trump that’s gone viral in recent days. The guide’s called “Indivisible,” you can find it right here, and Eli talks to Ezra about its ideas.

After that, Dan, Rich, and Eli talk about whether we really want to race Republicans to the moral rock-bottom when it comes to political combat (can you guess who’s more than ready for that race to start?) and whether we have any choice at this point.

Finally, Stranger Social Media Manager Jessica Fu is back to explain Facebook’s plan to solve the fake news problem—and to answer Eli and Rich’s questions about whether the plan’s any good. Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.