Episode 179 offers some practical guidance for handling "problematic" holiday music and catches up on the latest great and terrible news. iStock / Getty Images

Eli Sanders, Rich Smith, and Katie Herzog begin with the good news: a federal judge in DC just tore into Michael Flynn at a now-postponed sentencing hearing and prosecutors in New York have demolished the corrupt Trump Foundation. Just in time for the holidays!

The bad news: the US government’s hideous actions at the border with Mexico continue, as Rich explains.

After that, Katie talks about a Texas judge’s attempt to cancel Obamacare and Eli explains the latest developments in a terrible year for Facebook.

Finally, an answer to the question on everyone’s minds: What do you do if you show up at a holiday party and they’re playing Baby It’s Cold Outside? Rich and Katie have answers for how to handle this allegedly “rapey” Christmas song.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.