Episode 201 talks about Trump's time with the Queen of England, the sad fate of iTunes, and the final season of Easy. Getty Images

Dan Savage has something to say! After he releases a rant that’s been building inside him for too long, Eli Sanders and Rich Smith steer the conversation to something else that Dan has a lot of feelings about: the British monarchy. Trump just got a sit-down with the Queen of England and, of course, our president made a lot of interesting choices during his visit.

After that, Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper recently tried to “Sister Souljah” socialism—only to be smacked down by Rich. And then Jasmyne Keimig explains to a panicked Dan and Eli what’s going on with Apple’s plan to delete iTunes, which leads to a broader conversation about the power of Big Tech.

Finally, Katie Herzog and Jasmyne talk about why you should be watching the Netflix series “Easy,” which is now in its final season.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.