KC Elections director candidate Chris Clifford has filed a challenge to current elections director Sherril Huff's voter registration, alleging that she does not live in King County, a requirement for the office. Huff is a longtime resident of Bremerton; her campaign staff says she signed a lease on a home in Seattle this week in order to run to keep her current position.

Clifford, however, insists otherwise, alleging Huff not only doesn't live in Seattle ("So what, she spent one night in an empty house?"), she neither has a working Seattle phone number nor knows her own street address. "She lives on 66th Avenue North, and she listed it as 66th Avenue," Clifford says. He says he'll pursue his challenge in court, if necessary (which, because Huff would conceivably be the one who would review his residency challenge, he thinks it will be). Huff's campaign consultant, Christian Sinderman, says Huff "moved before she filed."

Clifford says he doesn't care how long his challenge takes. "I'm not going to let [King County Executive] Ron Sims and Sherril Huff, the two criminals in this case, decide the pace at which it moves," he says.

Clifford—whose own number, ironically, has a San Diego area code—is actually the chair of the North Bay Redevelopment Project Area Committee, a San Diego planning group that has no residency requirements. Asked whether this wasn't similar to, if not more egregious than, what Huff (a Kitsap County resident willing to move to King County to keep her job as elections director) was doing, Clifford responded, "I'm very proud of my work down there." He added: "Until [Huff] pulled this crap, the only opinion I had of her was a high one. Now I think she's more foul than Pat Davis"—the Seattle port commissioner Clifford is leading an effort to recall.

Besides Clifford and Huff, the candidates who've filed for elections director so far include former county council member David Irons, fired former elections director Julie Anne Kempf, state senator Pam Roach, and someone named Bill Anderson.