City prosecutors have filed against a Seattle man for allegedly assaulting another man with a foam golf ball during a Seattle Urban Golf tournament on Capitol Hill last October.

Around 8pm on October 18th, a golfer playing the final hole on the 9-hole course struck a bystander in the eye with a foam golf ball. The police were called and officers arrested two golfers.

Over the weekend, one of the arrested golfers, 25-year-old computer security expert David Hulton received a summons from the city, ordering him to appear in court later this month on misdemeanor assault charges. But Hutton says they've got the wrong man.

In an email, Hulton says he's been "falsely accused" and accuses the Seattle Police Department of using him as "a scapegoat for the incident."

Hulton says he was walking near the scene of the assault with several other members of his golf team—Team "That's What She Said"—when police grabbed him and another team member.

According to Hulton, an officer initially accused Hulton's team mate of committing the assault but later arrested Hulton for the crime.

At the precinct, Hulton says the officer seemed apologetic, telling him "you know the sort of people we have to deal with on Capitol Hill" and that the arrest "wasn't anything personal."

Hulton says he's looking for a lawyer so he can fight the case.