The City prosecutor's office has dropped its case against 25-year-old David Hulton for his alleged role in an assault during a Seattle Urban Golf event in October.

During Urban Golf the event, a bystander was struck in the eye with a foam golf ball. The bystander called police, who broke up the golf tournament and arrested three golfers, including Hulton. In December, prosecutors filed misdemeanor assault charges against Hulton for the incident.

Days after Hulton was charged, another man claimed responsibility for the assault but declined to turn himself in.

According to Hulton, prosecutors dropped his case earlier today due to a lack of evidence.

In an email, Hulton says he's had to shell out quite a bit of money on legal costs for his case and says he thinks "it's great that [his case] didn't get any further than this but I still want to at least file a complaint with the police department and try to do what I can to make sure that the police do a bit more investigation before falsely arresting people."