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ECB, 3 times?!? You're throwing chum to the haters.
How absent minded can one be? 3 times? What do you get into once you sit down?
Bike station is awesome.

I've always wondered, is it true that vegetarians poop broccoli?
As a guy who married an absent-minded whackadoodle, I can speak from experience. It was cute at first. It got old really fast.
You can also now load a bike at any transit tunnel stop any time the tunnel is open.
How does somebody forget a bicycle? Sunglasses, sure. A cigarette lighter, sure. A cell phone, maybe under certain circumstances. But a BICYCLE? How many times this month have you forgotten your pants?
How does ECB believe in incentivized behavior given her own experiences?
Wow, Erica. I'm not even a professional writer, and I can see the problem here.

This is not LiveJournal. What you should have said was that Bikestation Seattle provides a valuable service to absentminded riders, blah blah blah. Leave your personal experience out of it. I don't care that you're absentminded personally--in fact, it makes me think less of you, which is kind of the opposite of a testimonial. And you wonder why people jump on personal details to attack you. It's because you give them the ammunition, you dolt.
Bicycle Alliance is great, I wish we had more non-profits like them!
Yeah, Emily's right @8 - be like her, not like me and you'll get way less haters.

Well ... maybe.
Never understood the downtown ban. First heard about it of course when a driver wouldn't let me take my bike off downtown (flat tire). He said it was because Metro's drivers were so poor, they were afraid they might drift into me and crush me while I was unloading my bike.
Where does a woman this stupid find the nerve to mock the policies of Metro?
ECB, don't listen to 4 and 8. Your absentmindness only feeds my massive girl-crush.
How dare anyone ever forget anything ever!!! such people should be euthanized for the good of the state.
It's very easy to forget that you have a bike.

See this thread from a year ago about that:…

I love Bike Alliance sooo much.
You know, I can never bring myself to use the bus bike racks. I feel like it's cheating. Silly me. Then, my commute isn't long either. Though it is somewhat hilly.

But if I did I'd probably forget by bike was there too.
I'm with @6 - how the hell do you forget your bike? Doesn't the helmet you are wearing, or at least carrying, remind you of that? Please tell me you wear a helmet.

I'm truly baffled here.
@19 FTW. With your helmet on your head or in your lap, its pretty damned hard to forget. If you're not wearing one, no sympathy.
Sorry, that was @18 FTW. my ego's not THAT big.
@52-80, I agree.

What part of "Slog: Seattle's only BLOG" has confused your poor, little brain? If nothing else, the level of snarkage here (at least as much as, if not in fact surpassing that of say, Seattle Livejournal) should have clued you in. If it's detached, objective reportage you're looking for, you've clearly wandered into the wrong URL.


That doesn't really make any sense. I mean, it's not like their driving skills would suddenly improve south of Jackson St. or east of I-5.
@22: The driver said it was because buses line up so closely downtown that they were afraid cyclists would get pinned between two buses.
FYI, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington now runs Bikestation Seattle, so the link to find out info about parking there (and signing up online) is now:…

(the link in ECB's post goes to the California Bikestation website)
I always wondered if people left their bikes on the bus what happened to them. Now I know.
@ 8 and 4: get over yourselves, it's a blog.
@26, Can ECB get over herself? it's not a vanity project.
@27, If ECB didn't write posts like this, what would you masturbate to?
Thanks for the tip about being able to get on with my bike in the free-ride area. I used to have to haul up the steep Spring Street hill to catch a bus, it sucked!
@19 - you can't self-high-five.
are you fucking stoned or what?
Oh good - it's not just me.

I've left my bike on the bus twice - once very drunk, and once distracted by the cute passenger I was talking to (and drunk). It's easier than you think.

But here's a tip, Erica: Next time, just cross the street and wait - almost every bus runs in a loop, assuming it's not on its last run. It will come back. (Mine did, both times.)
Amelia (23): That's a bad thing, how?
One year during Hempfest there were 400 bikes left on buses.
She left her bike on the bus for the same reason people leave their cell phone places. When you use something every day, it slowly becomes commonplace and then people's minds wander...

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