Early this morning, drugged out mayoral candidate and noted local pervert Dan Savage threatened to "wrap [his] hands around [Stranger news reporter] Dominic Holden's throat and choke him literally to DEATH."

Although Savage claimed in his post on The Stranger's blog, Slog, that he would "not get in trouble with the city," his threat could in fact endanger his run for mayor.

"It’s a felony," says Seattle Police Department spokeswoman Renee Witt. "Especially [if the threatened person has] a real fear that this person is capable of carrying out this threat."

Savage has already been accused of skirting campaign laws in his bid for mayor, and it's unclear what kind of impact his recent statement may have.

Savage, who has yet to come in to work, could not be reached for comment.

Seattle Police do not appear to be investigating Savage's threat.