a0ec/1241113827-picture_3.pngGot an iPhone? Then check out The Stranger's brand new iPhone application—Cocktail Compass! Cocktail Compass makes all of The Stranger's invaluable happy hour information available at the tip of your cheap-alcohol-craving finger.

Say you're standing at the corner of 45th and University at 5 pm—you just got off work and you're looking for a place to drink. Just open up Cocktail Compass and it will supply you with a list of nearby bars with happy hours happening right that very moment! It'll even tell you what their specials are!

With Cocktail Compass you'll be able to:

*Easily find happy hours that are happening near you RIGHT NOW.
*Search for bars with your preferred features (patios, pool, dancing, free wi-fi, etc).
*Bookmark your favorite places.
*And, once you've gotten good and drunk, you can call a cab quickly and easily!

Best part: It's totally free.

It's 2:00 pm—happy hour starts soon. You don't want to waste this weather, do you? Download and start drinking!

UPDATE: Find a bug? Missing your favorite happy hour? Please email us at cocktailcompass@thestranger.com.