The city attorney's office has finally dropped the last charge filed in the wake of an incident at an Urban Golf tournament on Capitol Hill in October.

Today, city prosecutors dropped an obstruction charge against an urban golfer who refused to provide officers with ID when police were called to the tournament after a golfer struck a bystander with a foam ball. Police arrested three golfers at the scene.

Golfer Eric Rachner was charged with obstruction while another man was charged with assault. Prosecutors dropped the assault charge in February because of, Seattle Municipal Court records say, "proof problems." It appears prosecutors dropped Rachner's case for similar reasons. "They took me to the precipice of trial just to drop the charge," Rachner says. "it’s a travesty"

Following the incident, Rachner filed a complaint with SPD's Office of Professional Accountability, which investigates misconduct claims against the department. However, investigators have cleared the officers who arrested Rachner of any misconduct.

According to a letter sent to Rachner by OPA commander Tag Gleason, the officers' actions were "appropriate and consistent with policies and practices of the Seattle Police Department. Therefore, the case is closed with the finding of Exonerated."

I've got a call in to SPD to find out if they've got a clear policy on when you're required to show ID.

In October, a Tacoma judge dismissed charges against a man who refused to provide ID to officers during a protest at the Port of Tacoma. Rachner was arrested several days after the ruling which, he says, was the basis for his refusal to show ID.

Rachner wouldn't say whether he'll be filing a civil suit against the city.