It might be time to start again.

According to the King County Department of Health, only 11 patients being treated for swine flu worldwide have become resistant to the antiviral drug Tamiflu. However, two of those 11 patients with superpowered swine flu just so happen to be in King County.

From the the county:

The two patients, one a male teenager and the other a female in her 40’s, had no links to one another and these infections are not believed to be related. Both patients had compromised immune systems, a condition that has previously been shown to raise the risk for prolonged seasonal influenza virus infection and development of antiviral resistance during treatment. One patient is currently no longer ill from the influenza virus infection and the other has ongoing symptoms and is being treated with the antiviral medication zanamivir.

There is no evidence that health care workers or other contacts of these two people became infected with a Tamiflu-resistant virus. The risk of infection to the general population is very low from these cases, but as a precaution, local and state health officials are working in collaboration with the CDC to conduct enhanced monitoring for antiviral drug resistant influenza in the community.

Yeah, yeah. I'm being an alarmist. Whatever. We'll see who's still standing when the Hampocalypse arrives.