HRC are a bunch of toothless, rich, old queens who enjoy throwing big huge fundraisers so they can get together in their Armani tuxes with their trophy boyfriends...they are useless as tits on a mule.
I'm no big fan of HRC, but I don't think they're saying the march is illegitimate as much as that activist energy ought to be intelligently targeted--also, nothing in the march promotions says anything about "we're marching because we're upset with Obama".
have a donut...
Kevin has a point - if you live in a state where there's a ballot issue, you really shouldn't be jetting off to DC.
Makes sense! If I'm having a bad Monday, I wait until Friday to complain so that there's no longer anything I can do about it.
If I was anti-gay-rights, I'd be funneling as much money as I could afford into HRC.
um ok that didn't even begin to make sense, Fnarf
I agree that it's a bad idea not to push Obama as much as we can. But he has already been the most pro-gay president in history on an executive policy level, and much of that pressure could really be more intelligently directed at congress. This is essentially what Barney Frank has been saying all along.
Is Dan going this weekend to the march? I'm traveling 12 hrs by car--each direction--for the chance to march. I'm going no matter what--just curious if I'll get to hear him speak while I'm there.

You are out of your league - straight boy - shut up.

After all the pissing and moaning, HRC is big, powerful and funded. Even in progressive Seattle their event had 800 people and raised $300,000.00 - $71,000.00 of it for the Ref: 71 campaign..... big time donations from several hundred queers.... many not in a tux by the way. Most as cute as can be, very young crowd.

HONEY - Fnarrrfff - have you donated yet? To Approve 71? All wind and no sail?

And they, HRC, have extensive field operations, that, yes take money. Duh.
when Dan starts squealing about HRC ('starts'- when does he ever stop...) I always initially think we are talking about Hillary.
I have contributed regularly to HRC in the past. I will never do so again. They deserve to fail.
Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend October 10 – 11, 2009

Seattle OUTprotest has brought together a grassroots coalition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and straight people and organizations to organize a series of solidarity events to coincide with the National Equality March this weekend

March and Rally
Forty years after the Stonewall Rebellion, we march in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and allies in Washington, DC to demand equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states and to show our public support for the Approval of Referendum 71 here in Washington state. Speakers include Jamie Pederson (43rd district Legislator Representative), Sarah Warren (UNITE HERE Organizer), NaaSira Adeeba (Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities and Sistah 2 Sistah) and other community leaders. Special performances by Jared Douglas, Youth Spoken Word Artist Landon Long hill and many more.
Sunday, October 11
2:00 pm: Volunteer Park, 10th Ave E & E Prospect
End at the Federal Courthouse, 7th & Stewart

Thinking Queerly: Community Workshops on LGBT Issues
Community organizers and activists will present a series of workshops on a range of issues affecting the LGBT community including Stonewall and LGBT movement history, homelessness, hate crimes and self defense, LGBT health, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, LGBT legal issues, Gay-Straight Alliances, marriage equality, and more.
Saturday, October 10
9:30 am to 5 pm
Piggott Building, Seattle University

As the AIDS pandemic nears its fourth decade, we gather to educate and raise awareness about the continued struggles of people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, friends, and support networks as well as to demand all resources and all funding necessary for prevention, treatment, and a cure.
Saturday, October 10
Starting at 6 pm
Seattle Central Community College South Plaza, Broadway & E Pine

Generation Q Mega Mixer: Leaders of Today meet Leaders of Tomorrow
Come mingle and mix with seasoned leaders and activists of the GLBTQ community at the Generation Q Mega Mixer. Young leaders (23 and under please) will have the opportunity to socialize, learn from, and quite possibly have a dance off with some of the community's most inspiring members in a relaxed social environment.
Sunday, October 11
6:30 pm - 9:30pm
The Sole Repair Shop, 1001 E Pike
(Ages 23 and under please!)

Please visit the Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend Website:

National Equality March in DC Updates:

Meet Stuart Wilber, one of the organizers for the events and a community member. Hear what he has to say.

On October 10-11, 2009, we will gather in Washington, D.C. from all across America to let our elected leaders know that now is the time for full equal
rights for LGBT people.
13 Days and Counting As we get closer to The National Equality March in Washington on October 11th it is important that we make people aware of the march and its purpose. Your visibility will help us reach the mainstream media and garner attention. A poorly attended march will almost guarantee
that you’ll not see another major GLBT demonstration for equal rights in your lifetime.
Why now? We are living in a time when armed protesters are attending town hall meetings; when talk show hosts are fomenting less than healthy dissent, creating an atmosphere of hate; the hate and paranoia that killed Harvey Milk; the hate and paranoia that makes scapegoats of someone you aren’t.
Until we have our constitutionally guaranteed rights the American dream cannot be fulfilled. Because we have a Democratic President and Congress, this may be our last chance to achieve Equality in our lifetimes. What you can do: Use your visibility to promote the march. Contact your local media and tell them why you support a march for equality and why every concerned citizen should join you. Put your face on this march and use your words and your story instead of some anonymous PR guy’s. Ask your parents and cousins and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles; your friends, your neighbors; your colleagues at work to join us in DC. And if they can’t join us in DC ask them to grab their friends and family and gather in solidarity wherever they live.
I am so tired of being treated like a second class citizen. Please help me. Please support me. Please march with me.
Stuart Wilber
Seattle Washington

Want to Volunteer at any of the events?
Email many
types of duties available.

Endorsed by Seattle Gay News, Pride Foundation, Radical Women, Queer Ally Coalition, International Socialist Organization, Pride at Work, Rainbow Center of Tacoma, Socialist Alternative, Freedom Socialist Party, Gay City Health Project, Entre Hermanos, Cascades Rainbow Community Center/Skagit, Seattle OUTprotest, Community to Community Development, Bellingham, Sub Pop Records, 5th District Democrats (, American Friends Service Committee, Inlaws & Outlaws and the True Stories Project, Washington Jobs with Justice - MLK, Seattle Education Association, Out in Tacoma, Queer Kidz, Temple B'Nai Torah, PFLAG Olympia, Amnesty International, Metropolitan Community Church - Seattle, Center for MultiCultural Health, Washington Marriage Alliance, The Backpack Project, A.N.S.W.E.R., Party for Socialism and Liberation, PFLAG - Olympia, The Queer Foundation, PoetsWest, Youth Against War and Racism, PFLAG - Whatcom, Dyke Community Activists, Asian and Pacific Islander Women and Family Safety Center (APIWFC), Triangle Club - Seattle University, Sistah 2 Sistah, Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Pinay Sa Seattle, PFLAG - Bellevue

Approve Referendum 71
Keep the Domestic Partnership Law
Actually HRC hasn't raised as much for our state-based effort as ERC itself.
Fuck a bunch of HRC. Never supporting them ever again.
The only straight politician I can think of who has done anything for the movement is Gavin Newsom. He's the exception that proves the rule

I've said it before and I'll say it agaion -- gay rights come from the streets, not from the suites. This movement was started by the most marginal among us. There weren't any swells in suits at Stonewall. And Barney Frank can very kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!! The only reason he's out is the fact that we've made it possible for him.

Our rights won't be handed to us on a silver platter. We TAKE then ourselevs.

I've been a bit pissed at HRC for some time. This finishes me with them.
I used to raise money for HRC and also gave plenty of my own. After years of closely following their activities and lack of any significant proposals or lobby efforts, I grew more and more disenchanted with this A/B list social climber tux parties that did not benefit anyone except absolute vodka sales.

HRC is a bankrupt organization as the latest screed by its leader J. S. Fuck all of these ass wipes. How dare they attempt to speak for me and tell me that I should not ask anybody for anything except what they will give me....usually nothing.

I am over Obama, HRC and anyone else who states that I am wrong to EXPECT and to DEMAND equality under the US Federal and State Law. I will not compromise nor will I accept half baked arguments that say we should be silent little children in the orphanage.

Shame on all of them.
Hate Crimes Bill is passing... why? because HRC has worked tirelessly on it. Funds are flowing back into glbt social services organizations under this administration. Things are changing, and much of it has to do with the huge quantum shift that has happened in the past 10 years - thanks in large part to HRC and their behind the scenes work educating lawmakers from high end to the grass roots. They know how to work within the system and actually make change, and they know how to work behind closed doors - you may not see if every day, but the difference is happening. Obama has put more gay people into his administration than any prior administration. Civil rights movements take time and strategy. I am proud to support HRC and believe that they know exactly the right steps to take to effect change.
Here's what I don't get: why is there such anger at Obama and HRC when so many gay people (particularly GWM) voted for McCain and Palin? Seemingly many gay people thought that Republicans are no worse than Democrats on gay issues (demonstrably not true) and many others want war and tax cuts more than they want equal rights. Even if it's technically allied with the center of the center-right Democratic Party, HRC seems very in tune with that mentality.
"Has HRC lost its mind"? Yes. Years ago. HRC and its clueless allies like to say that it is "big, powerful and funded". Well, big is in the eye of the beholder. Funded, I will give them that. But, "Powerful"? Power suggest that they can get things done. Other than being a shill for the Democratic Party and picking the pockets of well-meaning people what has HRC really accomplished -- and I'm not asking what hard work of others has HRC claimed as its own.

HRC plays an insidious game: HRC covers for the lack of movement on gay issues by Democratic administrations, and in turn a president or high ranking official joins them for a photo-op. Its a win-win situation for both.

The officials don't have to get the lead out and do what should have been done long ago and HRC can tout its "access", "connections" and "influence" with elected leaders. And that is a loss for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans.

By the way, I am not some left-wing, anti-capitalistic, screw the system kind of guy. I have worked successfully in passing strong legislation protecting LGBT people and our relationships. I know how long legislation takes, I know about the careful feeding and care of legislators. But I also know the importance of not selling ourselves out or short. I know the importance of getting real, tangible results. And, I know not to dupe those who support LGBT rights just to fill my bank account.
HRC is relevant only to insiders - and insiders are mostly irrelevant on LGB rights issues... do the math.
Fuck spending one penny for a "chance" at a constitutional right to equal protection.

Gee, maybe this moment really WILL be the "tipping point", as more people in our community wake up and decide that working within the box only keeps you trapped inside of that box.

Anyone ready for a revolution in thought? We're entitled constitutionally RIGHT NOW, and it's not OUR problem that at least 20% of our country is uneducated and bigoted.

We need to ask ourselves - If groups on the FAR right go ape-sh*t crazy and start attacking us en masse because we suddenly become full citizens in civil law, will our President send out the National Guard to protect us from these religious terrorists? Are we ready to protect ourselves?

Go watch CAPITALISM - A LOVE STORY, and note that seemingly nice man who was 2 seconds away from admitting he's ready to go and take out some people. Why? I guess when you lose everything you've owned and worked for in your lifetime due to corporations (or government in my case), along with your ability to work in any capacity, after considering a TAX REVOLT, there is only one last, very desperate choice. Violence - as a last resort; as self-defense (hopefully only against the property of the institutions that were attacking). And I fear more and more LGBTQ Americans will "get" to this point as discrimination ends their lives as they know it.

These religious terrorists better stay the hell away from our families, or else we have every right to begin to "confront" them, their church buildings, and the government that enables them to harm us at the ballot box. The middle class and rich gays can continue playing house. The poor gays (who often end up suffering more) will be the ones risking their lives in the streets; they have absolutely nothing to lose at this point. I'm so "there" already.

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