From The Stranger's election endorsements:

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 3

Rob Holland

We didn't have to think too hard about endorsing Rob Holland. Holland is progressive, intelligent, and charming, and his opponent, David Doud, is a barely closeted Republican and so stupid he could be a research fellow at the Discovery Institute. Doud cochaired King County for McCain—how'd that work out for you, Doud?—and says he's running because the job is "synergistic with my career." Gee, it's your world, Doud. The rest of us just vote in it.

And we're voting for Holland.

Now you have even more reason to loathe Doud. He's sent out a mailer that is a hat-trick of bullshit.


First spoonful of bullshit—the mailer claims that Holland "has a history of mismanaging public money." A representative of King County Citizens for Port Reform responded on the P-I's politics blog:

"Doud is referring to a mistake made by the State of Washington, not Rob Holland," Heather Weiner of King County Citizens for Port Reform said in an-mail. The "unemployment department overpaid Rob by less than $1,000 and then asked for it back. Rob refunded the money."

Second spoonful of bullshit—it attributes the following to "Laura Turner" of "Seattle Times online":

Rob Holland is running a campaign financed by unions, and he promises them favors in return. He embraces ACORN, whose illegal activities are well known and he promises to use Port funds to enrich special interests.

Who is Laura Turner? A reporter for the Times? Um, no. She's a commenter—a one-time commenter and probably a Doud-campaign sock puppet—on a Times thread. (More importantly: do unions + ACORN = unicorns? Does Holland embrace magical creatures?)

Third spoonful of bullshit—the mailer lists Holland's home address. Seeing as Holland is both black and gay and Doud supporters are of the conservative stripe, that could be interpreted as intimidation. Because listing the home addresses of your political opponents is always and everywhere wrong and the people who do it are rotten human beings.

David Doud: more dickish by the day.

(Everybody freak out in the comments thread about our endorsement for the other port seat right... NOW!)


Ms. Weiner, of Reform the Port, identifies not three, but five spoonsful of bullshit in Doud's mailer:

1. Publishing the home address of Joseph Moscrip and his partner, port candidate Rob Holland. Joseph has reportedly told people that he feels very unsafe and that "any kook could come harass us at home now." This mailer went to tens of thousands of voter households around the county.

2. Featuring a quote from the "Seattle Times Online." The quote was not featured in a Seattle Times article, as Doud implies. It is actually taken from a blog comment after a 200 word blog piece on an unrelated topic (the Mayor's race). The supposed source, a "Laura Turner" registered for the first time on October 10th to put up the comment, and has not commented since.

3. Stating that Rob Holland has "mismanaged public money." Doud is referring to a mistake made by the State of Washington, not Rob Holland. Rob told Publicola that he paid back the discrepancy.

4. Publishing a copyrighted image without permission. The image is a still taken from a YouTube video posted by Alex King, who has repeatedly filed compliants against Doud's campaign for stealing his work.

5. Saying Rob "embraces ACORN, whose illegal activities are well known..." Rob attended a candidate forum hosted by ACORN, along with Al Yuen, Max Vekich and Tom Albro's campaign staff, in Boulevard Park last August. Ross Hunter, who endorsed David Doud, was also at the event. I was there, too.

Doud is also running radio ads with similar language. And County Councilmember Reagan Dunn, who is featured on Doud's flier, has recorded robocalls for Doud. Reichert has endorsed Doud too.