• Ananda La Vita

Should it be the 12th Avenue Couplet, shown at left?

It could help transit-starved 12th Avenue and is the darling of Capitol Hill leaders at the moment.

Or would you rather have the Boren-Minor alignment, beloved by First Hill and its hospitals?

Or Perhaps the Boylston-Seneca Alignment, which doesn't fully please First Hill but gets most of the way there?

Or, maybe the Two-way Broadway Alignment, which doesn't seem to be at the top of anyone's list at the moment?

Ogle away—these maps by The Stranger's Ananda La Vita are, I believe, the first time that anyone's shown the four possible routes in an easy-to-read way.

Then, when you're done, show up at the first of three public meetings to discuss the new streetcar line:

6:00 — 8:00 pm
Seattle Central Community College
101 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122