Just before 2:00 a.m. on February 17, an "obviously intoxicated" man approached a police officer on Blanchard St in Belltown "asking questions about carrying a gun in his pants," according to a police report. The man, according to police, "stated since having a gun in his pants would be legal if he had a Concealed Pistol License, he was going to get a gun with 16 rounds and go 'Columbine.'"

Shortly thereafter, the cop saw the man and a second suspect at a doorway "where transients routinely sleep" on the 220 block of 1st Ave, where the first suspect "began to lunge in and out of the doorway" and that "his leg was back in a kicking motion," the officer wrote. The second suspect "was jumping up and down, yelling, and smiling in an encouraging manner towards [the first suspect's] actions."

"I immediately suspected [the first suspect] was kicking a transient," writes the arresting officer, who then ran to the scene and "observed [the first suspect] with his left hand on the wall of the doorway supporting himself and his right leg back in the air, preparing to kick the transient victim lying in the doorway."

The first suspect was arrested for assault, and the second suspect was arrested for assault, encouraging the first suspect and "doing nothing to stop the assault."