As Lindy mentioned in Morning News, GQ has published Rielle Hunter's first public interview, in which she stands by her man and their "force field of love," talks about living a truthful life (when the man you love is lying about you on national television), and how to not emasculate your man (hint: never cross a room to him unless, assumedly, you're vacuuming).

In light of the continuing Andrew Young sex-tape business, and after four years of silence, Hunter's interview finally completes the narrative to this somewhat tired story. She's been labeled a manipulative hussy by Elizabeth Edwards and Young, among others, but in this interview she comes across as earnest to the point of being delusional. It's kind of sad, really. (She's also photographed pantsless on a bed of stuffed animals, which will go a long way towards quelling those hussy accusations.)

A few highlights from the 10-page interview:

When did Johnny start to tell you that there were problems in his marriage?
Well, I was aware of it from the get-go. He doesn't lie to me.

How can you be sure?
He doesn't lie to me. He discloses everything to me. And he has no fear of lying to me. Part of the problem—it's the fear of what's gonna happen that causes the lie. And the hiding. The fear of the repercussions. And, well, first of all, infidelity doesn't happen in healthy marriages. The break in the marriage happens before the infidelity. And that break happened, you know, two and a half decades before I got there. So the home was wrecked already. I was not the Home Wrecker.

So you have enough of a bond with him that, even though you know he's lied to his wife and his state and the country, you really never worry that he will lie to you?
No. He does not lie to me. At all.

... did you think he should be running for president?
Oh, no, I did not think he should run for president.

Because of you?
Because of his entire life. Here's the most interesting thing. He had already been vetted for a vice presidential campaign. And he had a lot of problems going on that nobody knew about. So no, I didn't think he should run. And I said that to him. But I also said that if he felt it in his heart that this is his path and what he needed to do, that he should wait till April. Because I thought he was going to have a very hard January, February, and March. And it turned out he did have a very hard January, February, and March.

Why did you think that?
Um, just based upon intuition. And my small knowledge of astrology. [laughs]