Last night (right across the street from Slog Happy), Sony showed off its upcoming motion-sensing game controller, the PlayStation Move. It's good tech, it's good fun, they've got a smillion game developers lined up to make use of it, and it looks exactly like a sex toy for clowns:

Maybe evil robot clowns? Time will tell.
  • Maybe evil robot clowns? Time will tell.

Though many of the games on display were essentially just sharper versions of Nintendo Wii titles, Sony is obviously eying Microsoft, which is developing its Project Natal controller-free system. The Move's control is smoother and less intrusive than the Wiimote, but Sony has to bust out with a must-play game before anyone but early adopters is going to pony up $100 for the privilege of rewiring their game-brains. The only title on the list of Move-enabled games that seems likely to appeal to the hardcore gamers who drive hardware sales is SOCOM 4, and that will still be playable with the old Playstation controller. As the fall release date approaches, Sony may surprise use with a new killer app or two, but barring that, it's hard to see the Move as a game-changer.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.