SurveyUSA posed this question to 500 people in the Seattle area: "Which of these statements best describe you: 1) I supported drilling for oil off the Northwest coast before the BP spill, and I still support it today. 2) I opposed drilling for oil off the Northwest before the BP spill, and I still oppose it today. 3) I used to support drilling off the Northwest coast, but am now opposed, or, 4) I used to oppose drilling off Virginia's [sic] coast, but now support it."

Here's how they answered the poll:

  • SurveyUSA

In other words, about half of the people around Seattle used to support offshore drilling; now only 39 percent of people support it. The mindfuck: The oil leak, if you can believe the poll, has converted two percent of people surveyed (10 people) to support offshore drilling. Anyone care to speculate what's going on in those folks' heads—did they never think about offshore drilling before but now it seems exciting, are they just lying to pollsters for kicks, do they loathe seals?