HorsesAss has exclusive audio leaked from a speech by Republican Dave Reichert (WA-8) to supporters, explaining that he reluctantly casts a few environmental votes here and there to hold on to the swing district. He begins by making sure the room is safe:

Now, first of all, are there any reporters in the room? Does anybody recognize … are there any people in here that you recognize as strangers? So we know that all of us in here are family, right?

Yes, we're all family, Dave!

Uh, I just wanted to be honest with you. You know Jennifer Dunn was an environmentalist, uh, in her votes, too. Uh, she was also pro-choice. I don’t know if most of you remember that now. But, but, if you want to hold on to this district, there are certain, there are certain things that you must, uh, do. This is a 50/50 district.

Goldy says, "Rep. Reichert goes on to explain the 'certain moves, chess pieces, strategies' he must employ to hold his '50/50 district,' even if it means breaking with his party, and his conscience, to occasionally cast a vote in favor of the environment."

You can listen to the full audio, including Reichert saying that he's cast votes to protect wilderness areas so they're "taken... out of the game in this district," over here. Fine work, Goldy.