Art had an excellent question in Questionland earlier this week: "Every half time at a Sounders game two guys come out with fire hoses and water the field. WHY? Its fake grass, and water would only make it slipperier for players."

I wondered the same thing when I went to my first Sounders game just a few weeks ago. I just assume it had something to do with all the confetti that was on the field—"Maybe they don't want it to fly back up during the game?" I thought.

Well I was wrong. Kitschnsync knew why they watered the field and had this to say in response to Art's question:

Qwest Field uses Fieldturf, though they do lay grass for special matches. The sand/rubber particles in the fieldturf are freefloating in the bottom; it's not a solid mat of rubber. So the water helps the particles to settle, which makes ball movement faster.

Players actually prefer that the field is watered for this reason. Here is an article which might shed some light on it for you.

And now you know!

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