So do Star Wars fans ever get tired of Star Wars novelties? The answer is no, no we don't. Today I offer you three Star Wars gems from around the interwebs, nerds:

FIRST! Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back hotline recordings:

As reported in the Spring 1980 issue of Bantha Tracks — the original Star Wars Fan Club newsletter — a telephone hotline was set up to allow callers to dial in and hear teasers for The Empire Strikes Back several months before the film's release.

Listen to Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, C-3P0 and Luke tell you to go see The Empire Strikes Back! It's like you're a kid again!

(SECOND AND THIRD! After the jump so I don't annoy everyone else with the length of this Star Wars post! And all its exclamation points!)

SECOND! A video of an adorable pet AT-AT (you may remember the photos that circulated awhile ago... this is by a different guy.)! Also, Jabba-the-Pooh! (I want a pet AT-AT.)

THIRD! "My name is Inigo Skywalker! You killed my father... wait you ARE my father?"

...and yes, I know you saw these before ANYONE else, and that makes you WAY cooler than me. (Don't you get tired of telling people how OLD that internet thing is? It must be hard being you.)