Believe it or not, The Stranger's staff is lousy with nerds. Sure, there's writers, and sales people, and such-like, but they're all nothing—NOTHING—without the fine folks who build the websites, fix the computers, and make snide remark after snide remark, mostly implying that they are NOTHING without them.

For one week only, we've all ganged up together to answer your technical-ish questions. We also have a couple non-Stranger experts in there, too. Now you can have the benefit of this great pool of geeky knowledge for yourself! For one week! Then we go back to ignoring you, and you us.

We'll do our best to answer anything you got. So far, it's mostly iPhone and iPod questions, which is fine, but come on. Where's the complicated bash scripting questions? Where's the Python vs. Ruby flame war? Where's the ridiculously simple HTML questions that betray a fundamental lack of understanding about what the Internet even is, really?

Ask your questions here!

P.S. - Our readers are a pretty technical group, so get in there and answer some questions yourselves, too.