This Mashable review of the hilariously priced iPad Report from Resolve Market Research offers some weird details on iPad users, including the claim that 28% use it mainly for playing games*. This has provoked some mild hysteria about how the tablet will knock out handheld gaming platforms like Nintendo's DS, but the numbers just aren't there yet: Apple has sold about 3 million iPads (about 1 million mostly for gaming, apparently), and Sony and Nintendo have collectively sold about 200 million of their current generation of handhelds. In the absence of an iPad-exclusive, Mario-esque must-play title, it seems more likely that the gaming giants will swipe the interface tricks that work really well for gaming, like tilt-motion and touchscreen gestures, for their next generations—unless Steve Jobs decides he needs to own games like he owns music.

This is you.
  • This is you.

* We have no idea how reliable this number is, of course, as we haven't reviewed the methods. For all we know, they used magic. But maybe that number isn't too surprising, given that 37% of iPhone users say they play games daily.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.