Ernest Hemingway (bottom, on horse) and friends.
  • Ernest Hemingway (bottom, on horse) and friends.
It's Medieval Tymes time!!! I have just been informed that, this coming weekend (September 4-5, noon to 8 pm), our very own Volunteer Park will be overtaken by "kings and queens, knights and ladies, actors, jugglers, magicians, musicians and merchants, plying their wares." (But what of yeomans!?)

This Medieval Country Faire is being put on by the Friends of Ernest Hemingway Society—because, as everyone knows, Papa "Sir" Hemingway never went anywhere without his codpiece and battle flail. The festivities are taking place in delightful proximity (mere blocks!) to Seattle's olde-tymiest and moste medieval eatery, Canterbury Ale & Eats. Or, if chicken strips aren't your "thing" (what are you—a MONSTER?), there's always the food court:

There will be carriages to ride and food for all. A Battle Royale performed by the Seattle Knights and a Chess Tournament at which a champion shall be crowned. Two days of history, mystery and fun for all. It’s a family friendly event. And it’s all Free!

Attendees are encouraged to dress in the style of the times to win a $100 prize for the best adult costume. There will also be $100 prize for the winner of the Chess Tournament. The merchants in our village offer a wide variety of wares including jewelry, ceramics, leather and more. The food court will be there to nourish our visitors.


I will most definitely be there. With greaves on. I'm assuming it will be pretty much exactly like this: