The Yesler Terrace housing projects on First Hill are deteriorating and they're slated to be replaced with taller buildings that include new low-income housing. But John Fox, director of the Seattle Displacement Coalition, says that these buildings on 28 acres are historic landmarks and they should be left intact. Cienna Madrid in this week's paper:

Yesler Terrace: Room for improvement
  • Kelly O
  • Yesler Terrace: Room for improvement
Due to Fox's plea, the landmarks board will vote October 6 on the status of two of Yesler Terrace's 77 buildings—the community center and the steam plant. From there, Fox and the Displacement Coalition will try to convince state and federal officials that the remainder of the buildings are worth preserving.

"We will fight them tooth and nail," Fox says. "We will raise every possible issue."

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