When I’m not testing bakery shops—if you thought that’s the only reason I went to Seattle, you were wrong—I try to have a social life, despite my French natural inclination for despising people and looking arrogant and snob.

For instance, on Tuesday evening, I went to a free American Sign Language class. This lesson takes place every week at 7 p.m. at the Elite. There were about 15 people, who were not deaf nor mute, but who wanted to learn more about ASL. I was the worst at it, because I’m a very beginner in sign language, in French as in English. So to cheer me up, the very sympathetic teacher told me that ASL is easier for French people, since it has been imported from France and translated in English (we definitely gave you everything—the Statue of Liberty and ASL—you’re so lazy). Some words and expressions have changed, but the ASL grammar remains French. Sitting around the tables, we learnt a lot of things like how to say “I’m from France.” The sign for the word France is so elegant and gracious that it could not represent any other country; it's like you make the signal for "okay" with a swooping wave. The class was dismissed by 9 p.m., but I stayed a little longer to socialize with the autochtones. I hope I’ll be able to go back there on next Tuesday. If you still believe I’m a fake, come and have a class. You’ll go to bed less ignorant.

On the next day, I went to a support group dedicated to the transgender community with a friend of mine. When I arrived (a bit late, but I’m Parisian, so don’t expect me to be on time), I didn’t know what it was about. In France, we are used to American support groups thanks to movies and TV shows, but usually it is about drugs or alcohol. So, I didn’t know what to expect from this meeting. At the end, I was deeply moved. In fact, my only approach of the transgender community was the movie Transamerica, which enabled Felicity Huffman to win a Golden Globe. I cannot reveal what I heard at this meeting, but it will change the way I look at people in the street, whatever their gender is.

Finally, yesterday evening, I went to Slog Happy. I did not plan on staying for a long time since I had to see a French movie (Mesrine: l’Instinct de Mort, which is awesome—for a French movie). Besides, I am snob enough to think that my presence is highly valuable and that I should not dilapidate and waste it among common people. I left quite early but I had the chance to chat with a former intern at The Stranger, and also to meet a commenter named Mike, who took charge of spreading the word that I actually exist. I didn’t have the chance to stay for the game and answer some questions, so I was not able to show how educated I am (we are all born this way in France), but my posts testify for me, right?

In order to test my social interactions abilities, you can talk to me if you see me in the street. I may not answer you since I’m arrogant and disdainful, but still, you can have a try.