• Utah Museum of Natural History/University of Utah: Lukas Panzarin

The Guardian totally wins with their headline: Horniest Dinosaur Ever Discovered — Kosmoceratops — Found in Utah. Especially appropriate since scientists speculate that the horns were for attracting mates.

Kosmoceratops, a relative of the more familiar Triceratops, had one horn over its nose, one over each eye, one protruding from each cheek bone and a row of ten across the frill at the back of its head.

. . .

Kosmoceratops lived in Laramidia, an area known as the "lost continent", alongside other herbivores, including armoured ankylosaurs, duck-billed hadrosaurs and dome-headed pachycephalosaurs, and carnivorous predators such as raptors and tyrannosaurs.

  • Utah Museum of Natural History/University of Utah: Lukas Panzarin

Kosmoceratops means "ornate horn face". I freaking love dinosaur names. (One of my all-time faves is the afore-mentioned pachycephalosaurus: "thick-skulled lizard".)

Also discovered was the Utahceratops, whose name is not as cool since it means "Utah horn face". Utahceratops was bigger than Kosmoceratops, but I bet Kosmo got more ladies since he's clearly more awesome.

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