Yes, this week I am reminded: it was about five years ago, when it looked like the Bears and the Seahawks might meet in the post-season, when I was granted my nom de slog and the awesome powers that come with it. Instead, Carolina stomped us, then Seattle stomped Carolina, then the Steelers stomped the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL, and I embarked on my career of nepotism and bashing Milton Bradley.

But this week I return to my Slogging roots: the Seahawks, the second-least-popular team in the NFL, travel to Chicago's post-modern monstrosity on the Lakefront, Soldier Field. (I edited a great book on the stadium. . . ). The Bears are favored by 6 or 6.5 points after stomping the shit out of one of the worst teams in the League last week, and our savior from Denver, Jay Cutler, will be back from a concussion, so let's hope whatever little birdies and stars and planets he sees circling his head do not make him confuse Seattle DBs for Bears WRs. Of course, with our offensive line as wide-open as Christine O'Donnell's thighs, the Seattle DL can aim to get to our backup quarterbacks, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard and Dr. Fine.

I'll be at the game, though probably not live-slogging it, unless the field has some wifi capabilities I know not of and I feel like lugging my laptop along. Hope to post some pre-game fun and games in the meantime.

Fun facts: the Seahawks have lost both their road games this year, and are coming off a bye week—and they've only won twice after their bye week since 1998. Read Mike Mulligan all about it.