Now my plans for an army of glow-in-the-dark dinosaur-riding robots leading a zombie army come to fruition!

But doesn't the unfossilized mammoth have more of the bad type of cholesterol?
Dinosaur fossils in a church built between 1532 & 1660.
I'm dying to hear the Creationists spin on this.
(getting popcorn and soda ready, fluffing pillow)
Your link about the mastodon is to the first article; there was another one either yesterday or today that says they've found a couple more skeletons there, including one they think is a mammoth. I'm too drunk to try to find it, though.
@4 That's what you get for not providing a link and expecting a designer (not a journalist) to find accurate information.
Actually, I was really fucking amazed that you did as well as you did. But you're probably a lot more sober than I am.
Mebbe another try at cloning mammoths, then?
The mammoth bones and mastodon teeth were found in Snowmass Village, which is near Aspen, not Vail! Just had to clear that up.
I thought the frozen baby mastodon found in Siberia had DNA. The dino skull in church is priceless!
I love that the picture on the mammoth link is of a girl touching the bones right in front of a big yellow "DO NOT TOUCH" sign

The church was built between 1530-1660 AD, but the fossil dates back to 190 million years ago

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