Don't know about the kids, but I know a mom that is pissed.
Yeah, who cares what the kids think? I'm wondering about the parents. LOL
I was always happy to get a stress break when the snow came when I was in school.
My guess that of the set of Stranger staffers and Slog commenters, something like 1 in 20 is affected by this announcement. I love the commentariat here dearly but they are pretty clueless about children, taken as a group.
This teacher is happy as hell.
After all those kids in Issaquah were stuck in their buses for several hours trying to get home, probably a wise decision.
So how much did it actually snow? I live in Boulder currently, and I'm pissed that the season snow total here is something between trace and and an inch thus far, and I'd like to live vicariously, if possible.
Eh, elementary school kids in Seattle already had the week off for parent-teacher conferences.
The parents I know are with @1 and @2.
When I was a young'un I spent all the winter months praying for snow days. Any school age person who is not stoked to get a day to play in the snow fails at childhood.
As a parent, I'm stoked even though I have to go to work. When my son was of an age when he couldn't be left home alone, i was still stoked even though it was a royal pain figuring it out.

Why am I stoked? For some reason I get a contact high off how happy my son is getting this manna from heaven. Also, even though I get messed up by it, I get a vicarious pleasure from a stick being stuck in the wheels of the ordinary. I still can't figure out why everybody doesn't get excited. Snow? breaking up the routine? Fuck yeh!

For Boulder man and other out of towners, It is the snow thaw freeze snow thaw freeze cycle the creates the problem. Roads in many area become diabolically slippery.
@devilsmoke - For Seattle, this is a significant snowfall. I estimate between 4-5 inches at my house. Very icy. Although, when I lived in Boulder it was icy there too. I don't understand why people think ice or hills only exist in Seattle. I've driven through worse, but this is no walk in the park.
Here is the dumb part - we probably go back Wednesday for a half day and then it's off Thursday and Friday for the whatever... holiday.
Pussies. My high school, on the North Side of Chicago and barely 1.25 miles off of Lake Michigan, hasn't had a snow day since the 1970s. Come at me bro.
My kids are very excited to have a snow day tomorrow, especially after hoping for one all weekend and then going to school this morning just as the snow was starting.

My wife's job in Seattle ties their office closings due to weather to the Seattle School District, so she's happy, but my office looks to the Bellevue school district and so far they are only reporting a two hour delay. :(

@13, Lake Washington School District schools have what's essentially a half day every Wednesday (they call it Early Release Wednesdays) but this week, the kids were only scheduled to be at school through 10:30 AM that morning, anyway.
The only problem is if we have a really bad winter and have too many snow days, some of them will have to be made up in June.
comm college didn't post anything yet, it's like super important because I have a quiz
my kids go to school two blocks from home. we live on top of cougar mtn. they are excited about the day off and so am i! they will likely stay indoors all day but whatever, i'm not gonna force them to play in it just because that's what i would have done.
I'm happy, even though I'm out $160. I was scheduled to substitute teach today. Even though we're essential for keeping the district running, substitute employees aren't compensated for snow days (like other employees are), because we don't have a "real job"--this is also the most likely reason for our lack of health insurance.

Besides the pay cut, I am glad to have the day to explore snowy Seattle. I plan on putting on some boots, plenty of layers, and heading to Green Lake with my digital camera. Hopefully, I can get a full day's compensation tomorrow (which I will, even if we have a two hour delay).
As much as I'd like to poke fun at people who don't know how to drive in snow, I won't. I used to be one of them! In Maine, we get 15 FEET of snow each year... it's crazy here.
We don't use chains or even snow tires, and we seem to do just fine -- probably because it's almost as flat as a pool table here.
The only time we had a problem was when the snow melted one day and froze solid that night. Everybody's car was locked up tighter than a tick in about 4" of solid, sub-zero ice.

Drive carefully, slow down, watch out for reverse camber turns and don't think that just because you want to turn or stop your car does, too.

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