If you don't want people smoking dangerous "synthetic" pot...

Reacting to what it called complaints from law enforcement and a surge in medical emergencies, the Drug Enforcement Administration said on Wednesday that it would ban several chemicals used to make so-called synthetic marijuana products, which resemble herbs or potpourri but mimic the effects of the drug when smoked.

...legalize the real stuff. Today's NYT story about the federal government's glorious and never ending war on getting high goes on to quote the acting head of the DEA—“Makers of these harmful products mislead their customers into thinking that ‘fake pot’ is a harmless alternative to illegal drugs"—but then NYT reporter Jesse McKinley does the unimaginable: he goes and gets a balancing quote from someone on the other side of this "law enforcement" story:

Tony Newman, a spokesman for the Drug Policy Alliance, which seeks to liberalize the drug laws, said the ban seemed to be the wrong approach. “The D.E.A. says that prohibiting synthetic marijuana will ‘control’ it—yet we know from history that prohibition is the complete opposite of drug control,” Mr. Newman said, adding that regulating and setting age limits would be a better approach than “relegating it to the black market.”

That's how it's done, credulous fucking hacks.