Then you should try making presents! And even if you are absolutely useless when it comes to sewing and gluing, Questionland is here to help with a panel of local experts who know everything there it so know about knitting and felting and whatever else-ing.

Here are the nice folks who are standing by to help you find the perfect projects:

*Marlo M, AKA IMakeCuteStuff and current organizer of
*YarniaPDX, Northwest's knitting maestro
*Rosalie, waterproof Shower Art maker and founder of Unanimous Craft
*Moxie, fiber artist and President of Urban Craft Uprising
*Schmancytoys, creator of cute and soft things and owner of Schmancy
*Team Stitches, all the employees of Capitol Hill's fabric store Stitches

"But Megan, I'm already really good at making shit!" you cry. Well then I'm sure these experienced ladies can help you get your work out in the crafting world so you can use your talents to make $$$! Who doesn't want $$$?? Fools. Fools don't want money.

Anyway, get in there and ask your craft-releated questions now!

(If you, like, me, start the holiday season with all the best intentions to make a bunch of awesome shit but by the end the year you're just left with a pile of half-finished projects, then maybe you should skip the hard work and just buy crafty little gifts at this weekend's Urban Craft Uprising. Some of our panelists will be selling their wares, along with dozens and dozens of other local thing makers. It's a lot easier than actually making your own stuffed eyeball pillow or whatever, and your purchases support local artists and business.)