Breaking news! Girls Gone Wild is gearing up to film a romantic comedy movie right here in Seattle, reports the blog Seattlest. If you've ever wanted to be a movie star or be slavered over by Joe Francis's creepy minions, here's your chance—if you're a female between the ages of 18-26, crazy, wild, and wet to the superlative degree. Bonus: You get $5,000 for five minutes of finished video.

Phinneywood blog writes that the Seattle Public Library has expanded their collection. Cardholders will now have access to Seattle Times archives from 1900-1984 as well as 15,000 more e-books from public domain titles digitized by Project Gutenberg (someone send a memo to Jeff Bezos).

Capitol Hill Seattle wins the sad news award for reporting that the Dunshee House, home to the Seattle AIDS Support Group, was burglarized either Monday night or Tuesday morning. Thousands of dollars in computers and electronics were stolen. This wasn't even the world's most upsetting theft of the week—that "honor" goes to the losers in Montreal who stole jerseys earmarked for charity from the car of hockey legend Pat Burns's widow at the wake after his funeral. Fuck you, thieves. I hope you lose your hockey-loving legs.