Jes ejicatin anuther generayshun of stoopid.
Should be interesting to see how many animals they can stuff onto this "to scale replica" of the biblical Ark.
Does the Ark float because water naturally seeks its for former natural place after the violent action of placing a large pice of wood on it?
Might this backfire? What if people go into the ark and see how impossible it would be to fit a pair of every animal on Earth inside of it? Although I remember reading some theologian speculating that God actually shrunk all the animals to make room for everyone.
They were juvenile animals, duh. And creationists believe in "microevolution," so not EVERY species needed to be on the ark. There was maybe just a couple of big cats, and in the past 4000 years or so those cats turned into leopards, tigers, house cats, etc.

This museum will be a testament to how Christians, and anyone defending whatever opinion they like, can spin a web of apologetics so intricate that it's best defense is being too intricate to untangle.
OK, this is the THIRD Slog post announcing the Ark museum.
@6 Hat trick.
Errr... Creationists and evolution are two mutually exclusive terms.
That being said, what happened to "separation of Church and State", since I seem to remember buzz about how this "project" would be relying on tax dollars in order to become a (and trust, I use this term very tongue in cheek) "reality".
@5, so how many species of mosquito were on board, then, do you think? And how did they get, oh, say, echidnas up in the Holy Land from down there in Australia?

And what about plants? Not very many plants would be too happy about being submerged for forty days and forty nights. Especially, you know, desert plants, or arctic ones.
But will they include Big Foot?
I thought the dinosaurs drowned in the flood. That's why they're not here today. Duh.
It'll be worth the irony of refugees using the long abandoned husk to escape the ever encroaching water in the 2100s.
To everyone pointing out how illogical the Ark story is:

Y'all are missing the point. Creationism and Biblical Literalism rest firmly on the rejection of logic. You can't point out how stupid they're being as a way to change their minds, they WANT TO BE STUPID.
So I moved to Kentucky, but still had to visit Slog to find out about this (and about Barefoot and Progressive, thanks Mary!).

That is just fantastic.
Is it wrong of me to hope that after this theme park is completed it gets hit by a massive flood?
@15 It'd be wrong of you not to, Urgutha.
@15 Good one. ha.

Let's pray for rain. Lots of it.
I can see why you lampoon this, yet you realize that each and every day there are dioramas put in museums describing "global warming" and the "big bang theory".
Yes but those are science museums and what you've pointed to are scientific theories. That's exactly what science museums are supposed to display. That said, this is an ark museum and it's supposed to display the biblical story of the ark. I have no problem whatsoever with them creating this museum, more power to them. I have a big problem with them using government funds to evangelize for their religion.

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