First they came for "Merry Christmas" and I said nothing. What's the harm in saying "Happy Holidays" after all? Now they come for "Dinosaur" and what's the harm?...
Dimetrodon has always been one of my favorite dinosaurs. In the original Land of the Lost TV show, the gang ran into one that could breathe fire. Stupid, but it got me interested in them, so I guess the ends justify the means.
And I get disappointed when you cave to pressure from Big Taxonomy.
Dimetrodon's a stem-mammal, you know. He could be distantly related to you.
See also: Edaphosaurus. It's like Dimetrodon, but lived slightly earlier and was an herbivore. Also, Amargasaurus, a sauropod with not one but TWO sails running down its neck. And of course, Spinosaurus, a very large North African theropod with a sail on its back.
Mastodons are dinosaurs too!
That is a staggeringly beautiful drawing! Where's it from?

Anyone else old enough to have fond memories of Aurora's Prehistoric Scenes "Sail Back Reptile" Dimetrodon kit? My favourite model kit illustration and design (along with the Universal monsters kits).
@6: No.
He is too a dinosaur. From Pluto.

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